We are: Callum and Tessa, a married couple, half English and half Wisconsinite, inseparable since 2008.

We like: travel of any kind, yoga of almost any kind, tasty food, authentic cooking, snowboarding powder, single speed bicycles, a kitten named Chester, medium roast coffee, spicy ferments, tent living, mountain spring water, Darn Tough socks, unexpected rainbows, and quality people, places, and things.

Our philosophy: We make an effort to live with intention. To us, that means making every decision a conscious one. We try to consider the impact each choice will have on ourselves, the people around us, and the Mother Earth.

Within each of our own environments, the decisions we make and the things we surround ourselves with create the lives we live. Through trial and error and taking it one step at a time, we have found that eating a certain way, owning particular items, and participating in certain activities creates a happier, healthier, more fulfilling day, which in and of itself is a happier, healthier, more fulfilling LIFE.

We are not perfect, we don’t try to be. In fact, it was when we were pressuring ourselves to be “perfect” that we became discontented and stressed, losing the benefits of the lifestyle we were advocating. That was an enlightening experience and we now believe that simply trying our best is good enough.

We’ve been: