I’m not sure if the yerba mate’s matteine is kicking in (it’s truly caffeine, but I just love saying matteine) or if it’s the effects of my breakthroughs during yesterday’s post that’s exciting me, but I am feeling stoked right now to be writing and working on this project! Yey! It’s a great feeling.

Having given myself some space from my intention of writing a post everyday, I’ve found myself thinking about how much more I want to write about! haha typical. But I have decided to at least not pressure myself to write about my 54+54 Challenge every day, but to write about it every couple of days. This will allow me to put more time into topics I believe are related to a yogic lifestyle, like meditation, minimalism, and manifestation, but most specifically nutrition/diet. I had a food blog a few years ago, which focused on eating less meat, but I’ve learned an incredible about since then. Recently, I’ve felt a deep desire to share the knowledge, advice, and resources I came across with others on a similar path because I had such difficulty finding them myself. And self-healing and holistic nutrition go hand in hand with yoga!

I’ve got some butterflies in my tummy and goosebumps on my skin so I know definitively that right now I’m finally following my spirit’s highest intention. I want to feel like this all the time!! So now, here are my adjusted intentions in bold:

My Intentions:

  1. To practice 54 minutes of yoga a day for 54 consecutive days (54 + 54 = 108, a divine number.. more on that later)
  2. To use those 54 minutes in a way that strengthens and challenges me both physically and mentally
  3. To journal about this experience daily multiple times a week, thus keeping myself accountable while documenting my progress and hopefully inspiring others
  4. To practice straight away in the morning whenever possible, because I’ve realized that that is the easiest, most reliable time for me to practice
  5. To be kind, loving, and compassionate towards myself while putting every ounce of effort I possibly can towards these goals
  6. To post content related to a yogic lifestyle in a way that’s beneficial to myself and others

As soon as I hit “publish”, I’ll be doing Ashley Turner’s Core Power, the second in the Yoga for Weight Loss series. It’s a bit short, so I’ll do a 15 minute warm up before diving in 🙂

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