A lovely lazy start to the day, but without any question of getting down to practice eventually. I made us some superfood vegan hot cocoas (I’ll share that recipe soon!) and we stayed in bed, listened to music, and pondered our dreams.

I did a video with a new teacher and it was nice, nothing exceptional, but very much what I needed this morning. It’s called Embodied Slow Flow led by Shannon Paige and had a lovely transition into a few yin poses before a meditation at the conclusion.

I’m starting the process of waking up earlier. We’ve gotten into quite a state of staying up really, really late and sleeping in. It’s okay for a while I suppose, just happens sometimes. But the days are already so short and I’ve been missing seeing more of the sun, feeling like the afternoon is upon me before I’ve even said good morning! But going to bed early can’t happen immediately or I’d just be sitting in bed, annoyed with not feeling drowsy. So today I made myself get out of bed as soon as my eyes opened, which was a good hour earlier than yesterday, and I’ll go to bed a bit earlier too, and continue it until I’m getting up with the sun, ideally. I’m not sure what time that is though so we’ll have to wait and see what feels best 😉

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