Wee happy birthday to me! Today I turn 29 and begin my 30th journey around this golden fiery mass we call the sun. It’s very exciting to be a solstice baby (today is the first day of winter) but it is the shortest, darkest day of the year and that used to bum me out when I was a child. And a teenager, and actually until very recently. Also, it’s so close to Christmas that it can be challenging to find a distinction between the two but now I am so spoiled to be surrounded by people in my life who know how to make this day really special.

Being born on the solstice pretty much guaranteed that I would be a unique, headstrong, and reserved person–three attributes that I believe describe both me and the first day of winter well. I still have so much to learn about the significance of this birthday but by embracing it, I hope that more of my soul’s intentions for this life will be revealed.

I read this on Forever Conscious this morning:

Celebrating darkness is about celebrating the seeds of potential that live within us all. When your soul came to this earth, it came equipped with everything it needed in order to achieve what it needed to achieve.

The seeds are buried within you, and only by acknowledging them, nourishing them and giving them time to grow in the darkness, will you be able to bring them into the light.

On the Winter Solstice, it will be time for you to travel through the soil of your own soul and see what needs to be tended to. This is your time to go within, silence your mind and travel deep to the place where your soul meets your body.

I guess a deep meditation is in order for today! Back to this challenge, yesterday I completed the Sunrise Flow for Energy and then did another 30 minute more restful solo practice in the evening. I found the Sunrise Flow to be difficult, not just because of the poses but it moved so quickly! Too quickly in truth, but I liked the flow of it and I think if I slowed it down to align with my own breathing, it’d be really excellent.

Since today is my special day, I’m going to treat myself to the last practice of Troy Hadeed’s Advancing Your Practice: Yoga Beyond Asana series. I’m excited 🙂

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