Good morning! Although I am still adjusting, I do love having something to do immediately on waking every morning. I’ve always had to fight the urge to just sip a hot drink and veg in front of some cooking shows, especially when we’re staying with our parents (because we don’t usually own a tv). I had been falling into that routine but making yoga the priority for the day has allowed me to completely shift that without even trying.

So now, I go downstairs to make a glass of MSM water and a pot of yerba mate, a sugar free beegan hot cocoa, or a decaf bullet coffee and come back upstairs straight away to sit down and write before getting into my practice. I had been doing Morning Pages for about 7 months so transitioning to this type of journalling felt natural and like a good mental and emotional release before jumping into a physical and spiritual release.

I ended up doing two videos yesterday, as the one I wanted to do was only about 40 minutes long. I started with this Fast Burn pilates style class and then jumped right into Rodney Yee’s Slow Burn Yoga Workout.¬†I enjoyed both of them, the Slow Burn was a really nice reminder to incorporate mindfulness into every aspect of my practice, paying especially close attention to arm movement and proper posture.

Callum is joining me for class today so I think we’ll be doing a half flow, half restorative video before tucking into a green smoothie and catching a Rogue One matinee. Stoked!


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