One week in and going strong! I’m really feeling the new muscle activity and have developed some sore spots, but sore spots equals muscle growth so overall it’s exciting. I’m not used to being sore after doing yoga (since it used to be mostly yin and restorative) but it feels great to have pushed myself.

I attempted to find a new practice and instructor yesterday, but after watching previews for 15 minutes or so, I didn’t really see the point anymore and ended up doing a double feature of Troy Hadeed’s series that’s based in his home country Trinidad. The first in the series, Grow Roots to Get High, was a lot of balancing and slow, precise movement, and the second Honoring the Journey was focused on not pushing yourself to the max, but instead on recognizing and honoring what was right for you in that moment. It is a constant challenge for me to let go of my ego and to simply listen to what’s inside so that was an excellent exercise.

On a different note, I mistakenly weighed myself this morning and found out I’d gained two pounds… It made me laugh because, well I don’t honestly think one week is enough time to really be seeing any changes on the scale, especially after having lots of birthday cake! But it did reiterate the fact that exercise is only half the equation, the other half is diet. Although I have kept strictly gluten free and mostly whole food and plant based, the holiday season is definitely a challenging time for the waist line. I’m actually very grateful to have gained weight as it is the perfect reminder to stay aware of my eating decisions and to listen to my body when it says it’s full. (Overeating is without a doubt what I struggle with the most!)

Also, the last few years I’ve been pretty much entirely dairy free, but being back in England is always difficult because the quality of cheese here is so much better than in the States, which makes it much harder to abstain from. However, I think after Christmas it will be in my best interest to return to life without lactose, because a little bit here and there is creating a lot of phlegm and congestion as well as creating a stronger craving for more and more of those fermented coagulated milk proteins! (Maybe if I keep calling it that it will sound less enticing…) 😉

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