Well I’ve had a lazy start to this post birthday-day. We indulged in a modest amount of champagne and sake last night so I decided to postpone today’s yoga session until I was actually ready for it, which is now at 1:17pm. I am so fortunate to have this much free time and to be able to take complete advantage of it!


Even after our amazing pan-Asian meal and a generous slice of GF vegan double chocolate fudge cake, this morning I felt like my body was slimmer and stronger – but that could just be post bday vibes.. Either way it feels amazing to feel amazing! And I’m very much looking forward to class this afternoon.

I did indeed do Troy Hadeed’s final class in the Yoga Beyond Asana series, titled The Sixth Senseyesterday. Again, it was fantastic and the slow movement and conscious breath connection is a truly special experience and one that I would like to partake in every day. Today I’ll be looking for a similar style, but perhaps with a different teacher.

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