I finally felt inspired to tidy up and rearrange our yoga/meditation room to be more minimal and feng shui. 80% of it is now fully empty except a wardrobe (that has no where else to live), with all the stuff that needs to be in storage to one side, tucked neatly together like tetris pieces behind a small couch, making it less visible. I made a proper alter space as well, which we have been missing and needing. It feels like such an amazing space now and I can’t wait to pick up some incense and sage to cleanse it and really make it sacred.

I think this is such an important part for anyone’s practice, having a special place that is only solely¬†for the purpose of higher development. I know it’s not possible for everyone to have an entire room, but I can’t encourage you enough to incorporate some tiny space in your home to be called Sacred.

I also scrubbed, vacuumed, and tidied our bathroom and bedroom! It feels so good to have spent much of the day in a flurry of improvement and cleanliness, especially after so much indulgence yesterday.

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