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There I am, in all my bed-head glory. (Apologies for the lack of focus and awkward-from-below angle, I’ll get my husband to take some better ones soon.) Eee just seeing these on the screen makes me uncomfortable but I am a sucker for “before and afters” so it needed to be done.

As you can see, I’m not overweight by today’s standards, I’m just covered in a layer of unnecessary padding and lacking definition and tone. My biggest source of concern is my abdomen, which I believe is a combination of pooch fat and visceral fat, as well as a bit of an anterior pelvic tilt. This just means I have poor posture from sitting too much. Joy.

In case anyone ever wants to do the exact same program I am doing, I thought it would be helpful to share the video that I practiced to, as that is typically how I like to practice at home. I do sometimes do my own flow, but I’ve found that following someone else’s lead allows my mind to become quieter since I don’t need to think of what to do next. I’ve never really been a fan of going to a studio, primarily because I don’t feel good supporting the Western commercialization of this ancient art, but I do want to always be learning and have found Gaia to be one of the most amazing resources to date. Gaia is a subscription ($9.99/mo) based website with thousands of videos, films, articles, interviews, etc. all related to yoga, spirituality, meditation, higher consciousness, and even nutrition. There are many other yoga subscription websites but I really enjoy the variety of subjects on Gaia and feel that their ethos are spot on. Another site that I have used more often in the past–and that is TOTALLY FREE!–is Do Yoga With Me.

Anyways, yesterday I did Troy Hadeed’s The Grace of Pranayama in Asana. He is just amazing and I hope to one day do a retreat with him as his methodology is exactly in line with mine and no matter how many times I do one of his videos, I always discover something new. It was challenging, yet doable, and it’ll be fun to do it again in a few weeks time to see if I feel more stability (my muscles started shaking many times) and relaxed (I noticed a lot of jaw clenching and brow furrowing during longer holds).

Stoke levels are still high, I woke up looking forward to this time and have a different style in mind for today, which I will share tomorrow.

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