I’ve been finding it challenging to get excited to write a post. I’ve been diligently practicing yoga everyday but, as you can see, I haven’t been diligently writing everyday. I’m not sure if it’s because I know that literally no one is reading what I write–not that it matters or bothers me in the least, but the sense of accountability goes out the window when you realize there’s no one out there holding me accountable. I’m also unsure as to whether or not anyone would find this writing informative or helpful in some small way. I know I feel truly inspired when reading about or watching documentaries about transformational experiences, and I would love it if someone out there felt that way about what I’m sharing.

Perhaps taking some pressure off and writing every couple of days, or every Monday, Wednesday, Friday would prove beneficial as I believe I would have more to say, and would hopefully be able to say it in a more readable, interesting manner. Because at the minute, I’m feeling like I can do better and I want to make that happen.

Changing directions, I honestly can’t wait for January 2 as this indulgent holiday season is getting much too long for my liking. I don’t feel anywhere near my best, but the edible temptations in this house (bought by other people) are pretty magnificent. I’ll be water fasting on the 2nd, and doing a day or two of liquids following that. Maybe more. It should be more as I know my poor body is in a bit of a state, and I’ve found smoothies, bone broths, and nourishing soups to be the best way to efficiently detox and safely cleanse my insides, and I end up feeling AMAZING. I have found too that limiting myself to liquids provides me with plenty of diversity, while still allowing no room for anything detrimental. Oooh I just can’t wait!

Actually, I just had an idea! I’ve wanted to get recipes on here for a long time, and the liquid fast will be a perfect time to do that because everything I eat then is just so damn healthful, and it will encourage me to liquidize for longer. (Plus I will definitely need to be in full rest mode, and this will give me something to do!) It’s also a resource that I’ve sought out in the past but haven’t had much success in finding, so hopefully it will provide someone asking the same questions I was with a starting point to self-healing. Love!

Day 12 was a solo practice

Day 13 was half solo, half Ashleigh Sergeant’s Wake Up Your Spine – she’s fantastic!

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