Good evening, and welcome 2017! Every year gets better and better, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what sorts of adventures we’ll get up to in the next 12 months.

I wasn’t at my best on Day 15, the night before was spent celebrating my in-laws 38th anniversary! Quite an accomplishment and we went a little overboard but I’m happy to say I’ve been on the up and up since then and have been fasting for 2 days now, and what a change it’s making already.

Yesterday, I did only homemade bone broth and tea throughout the day, and for dinner I blended a bit of the vegan curry that the rest of the family was having into a light soup. I honestly didn’t even feel hungry until then, and it was such a great reminder to be constantly mindful of what I’m eating and why. I am hoping that this fast can help me relearn to ask that question all the time: why am I eating this? And if the answer is not something honest and beneficial to my health goals, I can reassess and hopefully make a different decision.

Today I’ve had a few modest bowlfuls of a thin broccoli soup I made using the rest of the beef broth, and another bowl of the curry soup that was left over from last night. I’m not sure I’ll have any more as I’m pretty full now but maybe a green smoothie would be nice to get in some extra nutrients. This afternoon, I’ve been starting to feel pretty low on energy and slightly detox-y, so I want to be gentle while also taking excellent care of my body’s needs. Oh! I just remembered I’m due for my moon today so that could have something to do with it too. Interesting.

Day 15 I did a slow solo practice since I needed to be soft on myself. Day 16 was another Troy Hadeed, perhaps my favorite one so far and the last in the series. It’s called Stay and is all about long, challenging holds and then holding even longer especially when you want to give up. He developed it for the couple that demonstrated it as they were about to get married and staying when you don’t want to is a lot of what marriage is about (as I too have learned the last few years). It was really sweet to hear the reason behind it and made me that much more committed. It did kick me in the bottom though, and there were some sweaty moments and I’m still sore. As with all this classes, I can’t wait to do it again!

Day 17 I was looking for a nice, full body stretch, something to loosen my tight quads, abs, hamstrings, back, glutes.. (ok you get it, I was sore) and I came across one that I’d bookmarked before – David Magone’s Total Body Transformation. It was more physically challenging than I expected, and I had to adapt a few of the sequences as my body was too fatigued, but there was an excellent meditation at the end that made it all worth it. Plus it truly was a great full body opener and I hardly hurt at all yesterday after class or today.

Finally, today, Day 18. Callum wanted to practice with me and we both just needed some R&R so I did my first yin practice since I started this challenge! It was a no brainer to turn to our favorite yin teacher Bernie Clark and we discovered a new session called What Stops Us, which felt appropriate for some reason, and found it to be massively loosening and greatly relaxing. Bernie didn’t stop talking the whole time though, which is unusual and I wasn’t a fan, but I guess I’ll keep him around for his other classes. 😉

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