While I seem to have dropped the ball in the posting department, I’m happy to report that I’ve been steadfast with the daily yoga goal and haven’t missed a single day yet. And I’m approaching the half way mark! It’s become quite an ingrained part of my day now, and although I sometimes don’t practice straight away in the morning, I’ve always made sure to do it before dinnertime.

I am disappointed that I’ve let the posting slip, I’ve had to spend a lot of time on the computer this last week and didn’t really feel motivated to spend more time on it to write here. But excuses aside, this week will be better! I’ve taken a few photos for some recipe sharing so that will help keep enthusiasm levels high and get some more content available.

Day 19: Core Power with Ashley Turner

Day 20: Yoga for Tight Neck and Shoulders with Tara Lee as well as a 20 minute or so solo vinyasa

Day 21: Root of Foundation with Troy Hadeed

Day 22: Creating Space Through Surrender with Troy Hadeed (I’m beginning to see a pattern developing..)

Day 23: Morning Magic with Troy Hadeed

Day 24: Discovering Layers with Troy Hadeed

As you can see, I’ve resigned myself to doing the yoga that I love, and that’s been with Troy. At first I felt almost guilty for not giving other teachers and styles more of a chance, but then I realized, why does that matter at all? I’m getting stronger and feeling an invigorating burn and even sometimes achieving a sense of mind-body-spirit-breath union, which is what yoga means–union, so isn’t that the whole point? It is for me at least, and I love how he teaches us ways to take what we learn on our mats and incorporate those yogic principles into our daily lives. So I’m going to enjoy every second of it and feel proud of myself of what I can accomplish.

I’ve applied for a yoga teacher training course in March and I cannot wait to find out if I’ve been accepted! It’s a non-profit studio, which is what I am all about! All their classes are pay what/if you can and even their teacher training has scholarship options. Although I don’t really have an ambition to teach, I do want to study yoga intensively, especially with a studio that aligns so much with my own belief system, and would love to have the option to lead a class if the opportunity arose in the future. It was challenging putting into words everything my practice has helped me with, but I hope I made it compelling enough to see my into the program. I probably won’t find out until the end of the month, so until then fingers crossed!

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