Oh dear, the last week has really gotten away from me in so far as blogging, but I have made it over the half way hump and haven’t missed a single day. In fact, I’ve added inversion practices this week! I used to feel pretty solid in headstands, but haven’t been doing them consistently the last few months because I was afraid of not being strong enough and injuring myself. That fear has passed now and I’ve been really enjoying getting upside down again. I’ve actually started working towards forearm stands and handstands! They are asanas that I have always desired to be comfortable with but never pushed myself to achieve. Not anymore!

Day 25: Shedding Layers with Troy Hadeed

Day 26: Solo Flow

Day 27: Anusara Therapeutics for Hips and Lower Back with Ashleigh Sergeant

Day 28: Tapping into Purnam Yoga Flow with Kreg Weiss

Day 29: The Manual of Courage and Faith with Troy Hadeed

Day 30: Rediscovering Your Relationship to Yoga with Troy Hadeed

Day 31: Freedom to Create with Faith Hunter

Day 32: Solo flow

Day 33: Taste the Nectar with Faith Hunter

Day 34: A Massage from the Inside Out with Jesse Enright

Day 35: Restorative Hatha Flow with Kreg Weiss

We have basically run out of money so today I had to put our Gaia account on hold. I’ll be rummaging the internet for free resources and will probably be doing more solo practices. While I’m not stoked at the prospect, it will be good incentive to try some new teachers and to learn to push myself without anyone else’s encouragement.

Adding more recipes today so keep a look out!

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