I encountered my first hurtle on Day 8 as I did a bit of pre-Crimbo partying with some friends that I hadn’t seen in a very long time. I find it very difficult to not give in to social norms, especially when it includes people that I have spent time with in the past doing things like drinking craft beer and eating frozen pizzas. It’s hard to establish new common ground and to explain how very differently I live my life now.

But I have to admit that most of the pressure is self-induced, me just trying to fit in and enjoy the time together with old friends and the feeling that I “deserve” to indulge, even though if I were to really stop and think about it, I don’t know that I’d actually want to.. I did have a great time and stuck to wine and a little gin, so it’s not like I went completely off the rails. But when a slight hangover leads to a postponed, half assed yoga session and cravings for fried, fatty foods all day (which I’m relieved to say I didn’t give in to, just felt the strong desires for) I’m just left asking myself if it was worth it?

The honest answer is no, because I’m sure I would’ve had just as good of a time having one or two glasses of wine, or even none at all. Looking back, I realize that I neglected to set any intentions for the evening so it’s hardly fair to be beating myself up for the decisions I made. This is an exciting breakthrough!

I’ve also learned that by agreeing to meet people for drinks, I’ve already essentially agreed to drinking. So it seems that finding alternative activities would very simply remove the burden entirely. Easy peasy.

It would seem that while I’m not ready to remove alcohol entirely, by keeping it to a maximum of two quality drinks a night, I can still enjoy a wine but won’t be disrupting my yoga goals.

Day Eight – slow self led practice

Day Nine – Troy Hadeed’s Deeper

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