I’m writing from our communal kitchen on a farm upcountry on the Hawai’ian island of Maui. We’re about to set off on yet another waterfall hike but CC’s doing dishes so I have a few moments to fill y’all in.

Since discovering the power of raw foods, we’ve been considering a move to somewhere tropical for some time but we had to finish the house first. Then we wanted to attend a few family weddings, and then we made the move to Maui. Our intention was to learn about organic farming and try to live off the land (while eating copious amounts of tropical fruits and coconuts) so WWOOFing at some point sounded like a great idea but we wanted to explore first. Our plan was to backpack around, forage for food, and just see where we ended up – but that quickly came to a halt when, long story short, we discovered camping here was not so easy and not so cheap. (And not even possible when the permit office’s servers are down and they didn’t receive the application you mailed in…)

But fortunately we had contacted a few farms through WWOOFing and called the one we had decided to try out – Pono Grown Farm Center – and asked if we could come sooner than we intended. The owner Evan is a kind and understand guy and thankfully he agreed. So we came directly upcountry to PGFC and have been living here for over two months now.

We each work 18 hours a week in exchange for a small cabin, a communal kitchen, shower, and outhouse, and lots of produce from the land. Work typically entails planting, weeding, fertilizing, or harvesting in some fashion and can vary drastically in the intensity of labor but is usually very manageable. I’ve gotten a lot stronger and more resilient as the weeks have gone by so maybe it’s just my perspective too.

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