I am writing this chronicle on August 27, 2016. I believe this will be the first written documentation of the past eight years we have spent together, though I couldn’t begin to count how many times we’ve told the story verbally.

A brief timeline of our history:

09/2008 – Tessa studied abroad at Callum’s university in Northern Ireland and we met

11/2008 – After much persistence on Callum’s part, we officially got together

05/2009 – Finished the school year and left Northern Ireland to spend the summer interning at Greenpeace in Chicago

08/2009 – Returned to Minneapolis for Tessa’s fourth and final year of her degree and for Callum to do a work placement for the third year of his degree

05/2010 – Spent the summer in Callum’s hometown of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England

09/2010 – Returned to Northern Ireland for Callum’s fourth and final year of his degree and for Tessa to do a 12 month Master’s degree

05/2011 – Enjoyed the summer in Minneapolis visiting friends and Tessa completed her Master’s degree remotely

09/2011 – Back to Newcastle to figure out what to do with ourselves now that we weren’t students anymore (and could only get jobs in bars and cafes)

09/2012 – Moved to South Korea to teach English and explore Asia

05/2013 – Moved to Scotland for Callum to brew beer while Tessa worked at cafes

04/2014 – The mountains were calling and we answered (moved to a tiny mountain town in Colorado)

06/2015 – Started the 10 month process of building a tiny home on a trailer

07/2016 – The tropics were calling and we were hungry for fresh fruit (moved to Hawaii)